If you want to contact mischa, please write an email to: singback(a)mischasings.com


www.miekefokkinga.nl go and check out Mieke Maaike's work, she did the artwork for this web page and for the CD I tried to melt the snow, but ran out of matches

www.ditisstefan.nl go and see what's happening i Stefan's world, he did the construction of this web page and has been musically involved to mischa's music

www.sjoerdthuisman.nl go and hear more about mischa's favourite horn player, for instance on sunglasses and good friend

www.cleaningladyrecords.com go and meet the Cleaning Lady, who makes sure no dust will be seen on mischa's records and find other great artists

www.myspace.com/micxa find mischa on myspace

www.youtube.com/user/Cleaningladyrecords watch cleaning lady record's channel on youtube

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